5 Digital marketing 2017

Digital marketing trends that will die in 2017

Peppermint Spain is creative marketing and advertising agency on the Costa del Sol with a top class graphics design department, brand strategists, copywriters and social media and digital marketing expertise. We are very aware that some of the branding tools and marketing techniques that worked for the last few years are now coming to the end of their life and we’ve identified five marketing trends that may go the way of the dodo this year.

  1. Twitter is dying

Twitter may not quite be dead yet but it’s certainly in need of life support. It has a less then 30% share of social media channels and changes to it have not encouraged a revival in interest. Instagram and Pinterest are where the consumers are these days.

  1. Banner ads

There was a time when every brand wanted a banner ad, but these are now disappearing because consumers don’t like them and brands are focussing on native advertising, which has been shown to attract more leads.

  1. Stock images are out

The use of stock images is rapidly decreasing as the demand for more personalised images increases because these tell a more authentic story that the consumer can identify with. Authentic images increase likes, shares and click through rates.

  1. No more fake reviews

According to Mintel marketi intelligence agency, 70% of consumers check online reviews before making a purchase decision. The statistics also reveal that around 88% of consumers believe the reviews are authentic and truthful. This has resulted in a growing industry of ‘fake reviews’. Large companies like Amazon have started getting tough on ‘fakes’ and TripAdvisor tries to block them. Consumers are more able to spot fake reviews now and when they stop working, companies will stop paying people to write them.

  1. Popups are over

In 2016, Google announced that it would penalise websites that used annoying popup ads. Some say they work, but the evidence is that consumers are now avoiding websites that use popups. As a result, Google is giving higher page rankings to websites without popup advertising.

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