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Social Media & Blogging

Your Business Needs Social Media

Social media is firmly at the centre of a modern marketing strategy. When businesses say they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ (and those are just the main social channels) they aren’t there because it’s trendy and they’ve jumped on a bandwagon; they are using these social media because it builds a customer community around a business.

Your business can meet a lot of people there:

  • Facebook – over 1.94 billion users and increasing 13% annually
  • Google+ – 2.2 billion accounts
  • Instagram – 700 million
  • Twitter – 328 million
  • Source: Statista 2017
  • 38% of the Facebook users recommend a brand they like to their friends.

Social media is a bit like a cocktail party with brands and customers as guests. They mingle and network, and exchange information. Social media allows you to talk to your clients as though they are your friends or guests, and it provides a way to communicate with customers in a way that has never been possible before.

  • It gives you a better reach than traditional advertising media
  • You can target your audience – and most of them log in daily

You can also:

  • Talk to your customers – and they can talk to you
  • Increase customer loyalty by showing them your brand’s ‘personality’

However, as all great hosts and hostesses know; making a party work and connecting the right people with each other requires certain skills and knowledge. The same is true of social media. It’s time consuming getting a social media strategy just right – so let the Peppermint experts handle it for you.

Social Media Packages

All client requirements are different, so please contact us today and we will provide a bespoke quote for your business based on your objectives.


Why Your Business Needs a Blog

A website that doesn’t frequently update its content is a static brochure. And, search engines don’t like that. Google’s bots like sites that update regularly with original and well-informed content. These Google bots love blogs because they get refreshed regularly and this makes the bots place those websites higher up the search rankings. So, if you want to be on that all-important first page, you’ve got to have a blog.

Blogs are the most natural way to optimise your website for search engines

A blog brings traffic to your website – and you can encourage that traffic via your social media

Peppermint Design and Marketing offers you professional blog writing. We’ll create:

Informative, original and entertaining content that will boost your Search Engine Optimisation strategy and push you up those Google rankings

Blogging Packages

Silver Package

  • Two blogs per month based on articles of between 300 to 400 words.
  • Includes researching of topics and content, writing and editing.
  • 100€ per month

Gold Package

  • Four blogs per month based on articles of between 300 to 400 words.
  • Includes researching of topics and content, writing and editing and sourcing of supporting images.
  • 200€ per month