Tips for getting more customers

5 Tips for attracting more customers in Marbella

It is the job of a great advertising and marketing agency like Peppermint to advise its clients on campaign strategies that raise awareness of their brand and ensuring that the strategy also converts into sales. We have been studying some of the current marketing trends and applying them to our clients’ advertising on the Costa del Sol. So, we’ve put together some information about five of the favourite tips from our graphic design and copywriting departments.

Create curiosity

Buzzfeed has this down to a T! Its headlines just make you want to click on them and that’s because of something called ‘the curiosity gap’. This is gap between what we know and what we’d like to know. For example, one short line of copy, “How well do you rank for SEO?” will attract website answers who want to know the answer. So, asking a question arouses curiosity. Offering them something free to download as part of the answer also works very well, especially if the brand isn’t well known yet.

People like happiness

You have probably noticed on social media that people love to share images and videos that bring a smile to the face. Adverts that exude positivity are also more likely to get attention. The techniques we use to achieve this are:

  • Brightly coloured ad design.

  • Include an image with smiling people.

  • Use adjectives and verbs with positive connotations.

Give people hope

We all hope that we’re going to be prettier, smarter and funnier.

That’s one of the reasons we buy new things — to improve our lives. Slogans like “Start your journey free” or “Get more out of life” give hope and will attract more customers.

A feeling of pride

Lego is a good example of an ad campaign that makes the customer feel proud because it reminds parents that children are able to invent amazing things, and the parents watching the ad feel proud of their own children rather than the kids in the advert. Then they buy their child some Lego because they want to see their children learn and be a success.

Surprise your audience

According to psychologists, consumers use emotions rather than information to evaluate a brand. Surprising them is one way to elicit a strong emotion. Sharing interesting statistics is one way to do this. For example, Grammarly, an online tool loved by Peppermint’s copywriter, had a campaign that simply announced, “96% of online daters say good grammar is essential.” Grammarly offers to perfect your grammar and remove all errors.

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