Sol Eyes specialises in world-class ophthalmology and eye surgery with experienced professionals ensuring you are in good hands.

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The latest and most advanced technology is used to examine and treat your eyes in the best possible way.

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Decades of experience with presbyopia and cataract surgeries as well as laser survey to correct defractive errors.

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We are a pioneer of dry eye therapy in Spain, using MiBo Thermoflo, a highly effective therapeutic device for the treatment of dry eyes.

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Founded by experienced Finnish ophthalmic surgeons, Sol Eyes is a clinic specializing in ophthalmology and eye surgery.

Our premises are first class, and we will treat you with the most advanced examination and surgical equipment, as well as the experience gained from decades of treating patients and performing tens of thousands of surgeries.

Our experienced specialists will take care of you and your eyes!


Our Specialists

Pedro Naranjo Bonilla
Ophthalmic Surgeon
I love my work as well as Andalucia. The Costa del Sol provides a fantastic lifestyle with its beaches, mountains, cuisine and culture ...
Erja Oksman
Specialist in Eye Diseases
A few years ago my husband and I fell in love with the Andalucian scenery and life and decided to buy a place to live here...
Petri Oksman
Ophthalmic Surgeon
A couple of years ago, my wife and I fell in love with the climate and life of Andalucia. We decided to start an eye clinic where we...
Jonathan Strauch
Ophthalmic Surgeon
These operations help people see better and function without spectacles or contact lenses, both when they have eye disease ...

Freedom for your daily life

No more glasses after laser surgery – live your life to the fullest!
Sol Eyes has performed tens of thousands of surgeries with excellent results so you can be assured of being in safe hands.
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Enjoy your hobbies

No need for reading glasses after corrective presbyopia surgery!
Sol Eyes has performed thousands of this type of surgery, with happy patients now enjoying there favourite hobbies without the need for glasses!
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No more dry eyes

Immediate relief from dry eyes – take control of your life again!
Sol Eyes is a pioneer of dry eye therapy in Spain using the latest therapeutic devices MiBo Thermoflo which gives immediate results!
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